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The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen

The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen is a neighborhood diner with a big-city feel. Located in Jackson's Belhaven neighborhood, they serve Mediterranean and American cuisine for brunch and dinner. The restaurant also has one of the best stocked bars in the state, as well as an extensive Wine Spectator-approved wine list.
General Info

The Manship was created by Chef Alex Eaton and businessman Steven O'Neill. They strive to combine essential Mediterranean dishes with a distinctive down-home, Southern flair. The combination is part of the restaurant's atmosphere, as well as the dishes served.

Chef Eaton's offerings feature fresh, in-season ingredients obtained from farmers and distributors in the Mississippi and Louisiana areas. Mediterranean ingredients are selected from reliable local European importers. In addition, the cooks as The Manship take pride in the fact they try to use as much as possible of the animals used in their meals.

Items offered at The Manship are considered by many to be somewhat unusual. The chef's employed by the restauant have extensive training and unique expertise. As a result, they tend to prepare the authentic dishes they are best at creating, rather than the standard fare you might expect.

As for The Manship bar, the bartenders specialize in creating and serving Prohobition-era cocktails. Freshly squeezed juices and in-house syrups are used to produce their inventive cocktails. Here, you can expect to find an excellent selection of beers, mixed drinks, and finely crafted wines. The Manship prides itself on having the largest selection of wines and spirits in the state of Mississippi.
What to Expect

The Manship has a number of excellent selections available all day. One of their most popular dishes is beef tenderloin kabob, served with peppers, onions, chimichurri, and au gratin potatoes. Another excellent choice is spicy cajun shrip pasta. This dish includes blackened Gulf shrimp, creole cream sauce, lintuine pasta, smoked gouda cheese, peppers, and onions.

For brunch, try breakfast tacos, a local favorite. These include scrambled eggs, roasted tomato salsa, pico de gallo, chorizo, pepperjack cheese, and Sriracha cream. Huevos rancheros are another excellent selection. You get black beans, a fried corn tortilla, Sriracha cream, roasted tomato salsa, eggs, and avocado.

For dinner, French hermit oysters on the half shell are a nightly special. They come with champagne mignonette and cocktail sauce. Of course, you can keep it simple, and enjoy a great 14-ounce prime ribeye.

If you stop by the Manship bar, make sure to try Blood and Sand cocktail, made sith Chivas Regal, orange, cherry herring, and sweet vermouth. Another excellent mixed drink is Vieux Carre, with rye whisky, sweet vermouth, cognac, Benedictine, and bitters. 
Hours and Contact Info

Lunch and Dinner Hours
  • Monday thru Thursday: 11:00 AM until 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM until 9:00 PM

Brunch Hours
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM until 2:30 PM

  • 1200 North State St.
  • Jackson, Mississippi 39202
  • 601-398-4562 (phone)
  • 769-230-4720 (fax)
  • 769-243-6630 (catering)
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My mother and I are in town for business, and we wanted to try a new place out. It took us about half an hour from our hotel, but it's definitely worth the drive! This place has the BEST food and the BEST service I've ever gotten at a restaurant. I got the Cobb Salad, and it gave me new standards for how avocado should taste, lol. My mother also got the fried catfish and let me try it. Let me tell you, I don't like fish, but that was one of the best things I ever put in my mouth. The portions are HUGE though, so be prepared to stuff yourself and still have leftovers. They also have a large variety of alcoholic drinks, but we didn't get any. Our server was really great, very kind, very good vibes, and you could tell he had a lot of confidence.
andyt0901, Trip Advisor